Wednesday, May 27, 2009


My time in India was ending soon because of my visa so I decided to head back up North.

Varanasi is famous for burning the dead by the Ganges River. Hundreds of thousands of Indians make pilgrimages every year to perform ceremonies and to cleanse themselves in the river. It was okay. You can take a nice walk down a path that runs along the Ganges and there’s a maze of alley shops, but I wouldn’t spend more than a couple days there.

I did bump into some other travelers I saw in Palolem Beach, but it’s common to see the same people since most backpackers travel in the same direction or hotspots. I also met a new German couple, Sina (as in Xena the Princess Warrior as she hates to be called) and Matthias, at the train station on my way to Kolkata. Little did I know it wasn’t the last time I would see them.

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