Friday, May 29, 2009

Khao San Rd.

Khao San Rd. was insane, like a circus of souvenirs and food with neon lights filling up the sky above. There were so many yummy food carts, outdoor restaurants/bars, and souvenirs to buy my brain couldn’t process them all. I decided that the Thai’s were the masters of souvenirs. They had to coolest and nicest stuff that any tourists would want to buy. From jewelry, clothing, bamboo tattoos, fake tattoos, hair extensions done on the street, an array of massages, copied DVD’s, to music CD’s all for a fraction of the cost back home. It was great and glutinous all at the same time.

The first night I was out I met some new travelers. The first one was a guy from Eastern Europe living in Germany. He was so funny and happy to be in Thailand for the first time. He wore these bright parachute pants, red t-shirt with some silly saying, some tourist necklaces, and had a bag full of trinkets that he bought that night. As I were talking a women dressed in old traditional Thai outfit decked out with all sorts of souvenirs to buy ask if I wanted to buy anything as she stroked a wooden frog making frog noises (lets call her frog lady). I said no thank you, but she persisted with other things and the guy eventually caved and bought one thing. Over the course of one hour more frog ladies came and each time the guy bought something, sometimes many things. Well, once one of the frog ladies sold a bunch to him she told her friends and then it was insane. The guy couldn’t say no and ended up with another big bag full of souvenirs, many were duplicates. His excuse was that everything was so cheap and they were mostly gifts for friends. I just laughed, but he was having such a good time and had a good energy about him that made everyone around him happy.

The second guy was an American teaching English in South Korea and it was his first time and first night in Thailand as well. As the night went on he got progressively drunk and funnier. His story was hilarious, but too raunchy to write about on this wholesome blog. You’ll just have to email us directly for the whole story. It ended with him still being drunk when he caught his cab to the airport. He was only in Bangkok for the weekend to renew his South Korean visa.

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