Sunday, May 24, 2009


My next stop was Gorkana, a few hours by train costing me less than one US dollar. The train system in India is the cheapest way to travel and you can book your tickets online.

Once off the train I got hit with tons of touts offering rides to town. Eventually, I made my way to the slow small religious quiet town of Gorkana and started to walk up the beach. Soon, I came upon a nice little place with very simple huts made of bamboo and dirt floors. In the front was the tiny shack restaurant that served great food with a decent size menu that had nothing over $1US. From my hut you could hear the huge crashing of the ocean waves when I went to sleep and watch the gorgeous sunset every night eating dinner at the front restaurant chatting to other travelers.

Gorkana Beach was considerably less developed than Palolem. You could walk the entire length of the beach in a couple of hours and see only a handful of places offering huts. Many Indians also traveled to Gorkana to bath in the sea and cleanse themselves because the towns religious significance.

Just south of Gorkana Beach was Paradise and Om Beach. You could get to both by boat or walk along the cliffs. Om Beach could also be accessed by auto-rickshaw. Originally, I had planned to stay on Om Beach, but after taking day trips to both beaches I was very happy with the place I found.

Om Beach had a bit more huts, but uninteresting. Paradise Beach was even more developed and overpriced. So much so, that some people I met walked all the way back to town (about 30 mins through rocks and the beating hot sun) to eat their meals. Granted, it’s all cheap, but if you’re traveling for a long time, you try to save where you can.

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