About Me

Let's see, I'm never comfortable talking about myself, but here goes...

I'm a mix of Taiwanese/Japanese American. My dad was in the US Army and we traveled a bit while I was really young, so maybe that's where I got my travel bug. However, it wasn't till I did my first exchange program in Sienna, Italy that I really started to travel.

Personally, I think exchange programs are great. The Italy program allowed me to acclimate to traveling in Europe and see how easy it really was to travel alone. We had field trips every weekend going to all the big cities down to the small tiny towns I would never had gone myself. In effect, I got to see so much of Italy that it still is my favorite country to this day. St. Petersburg and New York City are my current favorite cities.

I've been all through Western and Eastern Europe, Morocco, Russia, India, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, and Costa Rica. I've always felt that the more traveling I do the better person I become. This mostly has to due with gaining a global perspective on life.

I'll write more later...

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