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Brought on by popular demand I have created my workout routine on the web for others who have repeatedly asked me. I created this routine to focus on building strength, not mass. However, mass does come quickly because of the nature of the workout. I developed this workout to be quick and easy, taking up around an hour each day.


Chest Day

There are 3 major muscles in your chest: Upper, middle, and lower, pectorals. Pick one of the three and rotate each week. For ex. if you start with Flat Bench, Incline Bench, Decline Bench. Then the following week you start with Incline Bench, Decline Bench, and Flat Bench.

Incline Bench

Flat Bench

Decline Bench

Theory - The reason why you only workout the chest once a week is that it needs a whole week for the muscles to recover. Working out any more will increase endurance, but not strength. Trust me, I plateaued at 225lbs on flat bench working out my chest twice a week. Once I reduced it to once a week I was able to bench up to 405lbs in a couple of months, I was 170lbs at the time.

The first one you choose the routine will be:

Warmup 10 Reps
10 Reps
10 Reps
Minimum 4 Reps up to 10
(Once you achieved 10 then you know it's time to increase the weights)

I usually keep the warmup and first 10 reps the same weight. However, the second and third set I increase it by 20lbs total.


Warmup, 10 Reps of 135lbs
First set of 10 Reps - 135lbs
Second set of 10 Reps - 155lbs
Third set - 175lbs (Once you achieve 10 Reps, the raise the starting weights by 20lbs total. Ex. 155lbs)

Theory - You will have the most energy at the beginning of your workout. So which ever muscle you start with it will build the fastest. That's why you rotate every week to give the other muscles a chance. Usually, the upper chest is the weakest and hardest of the three muscles to build. So when I started working out, I would always begin my workouts with the Incline Bench until I was benching weights that were equal to the other benches.

The other two bench workouts:

5 Sets of 10, 8, 8 , 6, min. 4 reps. You will stay with the same weight throughout the sets except that last one. If you feel good, bump up the weight. Once you can reach 10 reps on the last set then it's time to start with a heavier weight.


10 Reps - 135lbs
8 Reps - 135lbs
8 Reps - 135lbs
6 Reps - 135lbs
4 Reps - 155lbs (Once you reach 10 reps, then you should be ready to start with 155lbs. and the last set should be 170lbs or more)

Dumbbell Fly's - Which ever bench you started with you will start with one of the others in Dumbbell Fly's. Ex. If you started with Flat Bench you will begin with Incline Dumbbell Fly's.

3 Sets of 10 for the first exercise.

Then 5 Sets of 10, 8, 8 , 6, min. 4 reps.
Same as above.

Incline Dumbbell Fly's

Flat Bench Dumbbell Fly's

You can do Decline Flys's, but it takes up more time and hassle.

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