Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lost in India...

After a few days I took the train to Ft. Cochin. Unfortunately, I missed my stop and the next stop was at least another hour or more away. As I got the lowdown from the local passengers the train made a temporary stop to wait for the oncoming train to pass.

Basically, I was about 500 meters from a small village where I could potentially take a bus back to Ft Cochin or wait till the next the next stop and find my way back.
Easy choice right? Well, did I forget to mention that the train was a bit high off the ground, I was surrounded by trees, didn’t know when the train was going to take off again, and there was just a trail to an unfamiliar village to possibly take a bus.

Eventually, I jumped off the train and dragged my bags to the side of the tracks. As I started to walk another backpacker had missed his stop too and asked me where I were headed. He then jumped off to join me and soon the train was gone. It was all easy after that. I met a few locals who didn’t speak any English, but they managed to help us find the bus stop for Ft. Cochin.

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