Friday, May 29, 2009


I was in Thailand once before on the small, but beautiful island called Koh Phi Phi for a week and have been eager to get back ever since. As I rolled into Bangkok (about 500 Baht (~$14US) via taxi including tolls or 150 Baht (~$4US) via shuttle bus) I was so happy! I mean I like India, but the constant hacking in the morning, spitting everywhere, and garbage thrown all over the place got to me after a while. Bangkok had none of that; it was pristine with its cleanness, high towers, and no spitting… heaven.

I went straight to the main tourist road called Khao San Rd. and found a place in the middle. Of course the place across the road, Khao San Inn, had a free pool on the roof with a nice view, which was constantly booked and didn’t take any reservations. For a double room with a fan Khao San Inn was only 400 Baht (~ $11US), during the high season.

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