Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam was a nicer and smaller version of Palolem Beach. I soon found a nice place with a balcony and a vegetarian/vegan restaurant below, negotiating a good deal for two weeks. Then I found a great yoga instructor named, Saju, who gave an awesome deal for his yoga classes. Thus began my personal yoga retreat program I created for myself along with eating only vegetarian foods. For the most part I don’t usually eat meat when I’m traveling because I don’t trust it and the meat is generally not so good.

I decided to keep up with the four hours of yoga and two meals a day, just minus the chanting… Hare krisna hare rama, hare krishna hare rama ,om navah shivia.

In yoga class there was this woman, Connie, who did the scorpion for a few seconds and I thought it was incredible. Even so, after a few days I tried the scorpion myself and managed a second or two, with assistance of course. For the first week my body ached all over nonstop.

By the end of my time in Kovalam, I had improved dramatically. To my surprise I was able to do so much more than I had ever expected. The highlight was that I was able to hold my scorpion for over a minute! Connie was naturally jealous and cursed me every chance she got. No hard feelings Connie, sure it took you a whole month to do a few seconds while it took me a few days, but who really notices those things?:)

It was a really good time, I felt so healthy and fit.:P

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