Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mini Khao San Rd.

Bar Street was the main tourist drag for Siem Reap and it was so reminiscent of Khao San Rd. in Bangkok. It was like a mini version and you could tell that in the years to come the whole area would become a complete clone. The good part was that all the restaurants/bars were in a two block radius and the prices were like happy hour in the US (~$2-4US). Also, there were many expat owners of these places so you had authentic cuisines like French, Italian, Thai, Japanese, etc.

Looking around you could see the vast potential for growth and in fact new paved roads are being created as fast as possible. Furthermore, I read that Cambodia made a huge deal with foreign investors to revamp their train system to allow passengers. Currently, the trains are only for freight. I predict that as soon as the infrastructure has been finished there will be rapid changes for Cambodia and it will be the next hot spot for commercial tourism. This of course could be both good and bad.

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