Thursday, May 21, 2009

Merry Christmas!

As Christmas approached I was busy decorating my hut and planning a little party with my other hut neighbors. Mostly there were Aussies, they’re everywhere! Like a disease… but not deadly and lots of fun.:P My Aussie neighbors were from Northcote, Melbourne (Rene, Bickies, and Noodle). Then there were two Swedish families who were very funny with their traditional Christmas dance.

Okay, picture two families, adults and their children, all dancing around a tree singing in Swedish making bunny ears and tails hoping around. We were all laughing and then they told us it was a song about a FROG who had no ears and tail! Then I just laughed even more. It was a fun night and the Swedish families were hilarious. Unfortunately, they had to leave the next day and we wouldn’t be celebrating New Years with them.

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