Sunday, September 14, 2008

Traveling Again!

Hi All,

So I finally created my own travel blog. Where should I begin… Since
living in Paris, I have traveled to Costa Rica, Russia, India, Mexico,
Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand. Also, in between traveling I
finished law school.:P Some of you may have the ridiculous notion that
I may have finally settled down, hahaha, you foolish people. The rest
of you know better.

Currently I'm in Zurich visiting some friends and will make my way
down to Lake Como in Italy and chill out for a few days. I must
apologize to everyone in Europe who I can't visit, I really wish I
could, please don't hate me.

The interesting part of my journey will begin in Northern Spain in the
small town of Irun. I will be hiking the Camino de Santiago for about
five weeks camping in various people's lawns if I'm lucky, and I will
try to be a vegetarian.

For those of you who are not familiar, the Camino de Santiago de
Compostela, also known in English as The Way of St James, is a
collection of old pilgrimage routes which cover all Europe. They all
have Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain as their final
destination. For more than 1000 years pilgrims have been walking along
the Camino de Santiago. I'm not doing this for religious reasons, it
just sound like a great hike.

This particular route I'm taking, Camino del Norte, is about 825Km and
the most difficult of them all. It's also the most picturesque, wish
me luck!


Jessica said...

Steve, it's great to see that the law hasn't bogged down your traveling at all! I'll be looking forward to see your future destinations!

Keep in touch!

Jessica said...

You didn't just finish law school... you passed the bar exam too! You're a real lawyer and everything!

Lyria said...

Mofo...you are making my little heart beat faster. I wish I was out and about. Live it up!!

Anonymous said...

All we have is to live vicariously through you! Enjoy the journey!

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