Sunday, September 21, 2008

European Cultures

I love how most people in the service industry here act like they are
doing you a favor when you want to purchase something, from ordering
food to buying a train ticket. It´s as if their daily painful
existance of a life is your fault. I forgot how I use to fantisize
about smacking them with a two-by-four.

Of course on the other end of the spectrum you meet some incredible
people. From the tabacco store clerk pulling out boxes of postcards to
help me find the best one of Irun (The start of the Camino del Norte)
because I mentioned I was starting the trek while a huge line was
forming to an elderly couple walking me all the way to my campsite
when they were tourists themselves and spoke only spanish. These are
just a couple of wonderful stories all travellers get too experience
and part of the reason we like to travel.

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JoeyK said...

Ninja?? You ain't no "Ninja" - more like a "PIRATA BORRACHO"! And trust me, if Chris and I want to catch you... we CAN and we WILL. We have the resources of one of the biggest companies in the world to throw at catching a "Steve".

And lay off that spanish whacky tabacky - it's making you spell no gud. :P

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