Thursday, September 25, 2008

First week on the Camino

From the start I was a bit sick, but decided to push on anyway. My
feet started to crack from the dry weather and I got a blister the day before the walk, but I still persisted in
walking with my flip flops. I was picking apples and blackberries
along the way, but eventually I ate once a day. My vegetarian diet
hasn't been too bad, but going through San Sabastien (The best tapas
in Spain) was a bit rough.

I'd get a sudden wiff of some nice meat being cooked or fish being
grilled and think what an idiot I am! Next time I'll do a food trek!
All meat... Just kidding.

I usually don't feel the craving for meat up to two weeks, so we'll
see how it goes. My energy level has been up and down, but I think
it's leveling off.



JoeyK said...

Since you are foraging off the land "TRYING" to BE a vegetarian, I am sending you this link which has great survival advice. Btw, can vegatarians eat grubs? http://beargrylls.blogspot.com/

BTW, I am not even going to ask if you are poaching these fruits from someones farm since we need to maintain 'plausible deniability' in case we have to rescue you from a Spanish prison. :P

Anonymous said...

Why the Hell are you avoiding meat? That's the best part of Spain!!!!

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