Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh yeah...

I'm traveling for a while... How long? Till my money runs out. I was
in Switzerland and Italy, but will be in Spain, Morocco, Nepal, India,
and then further into South East Asia. My goal is to find volunteer
work in the Asian countries and meet as many people as possible.


Joey said...
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Joey said...

Hmmmm...volunteer...such an altruist you are. But seriously, don't agree to sling the cow dung no matter how badly the old guy in India with 30 kids begs you. You can get parasites from playing with poop; even sacred cow poop. Or even worse...HepB since you refused to take your shots!! We are so worried about your health and welfare that we keep the phone number to the global CDC/NIH near the nightstand at all times just thinking about where you are in the world. Oh, and a bit of warning... Chris and I are seriously discussing the "Big Game" animal tranquilizer gun loaded with the HepB shot for when we decide to stalk you around the world. :P

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