Thursday, October 2, 2008

Me and my Olukai's.

It's been about two weeks since I have been walking in my Olukai's and
it's been great. I finally made some impressions with my toes, the
arche support is still good, and there's no signs of wear on the soles.

Of course I still get the funny looks and reactions of others when
they realize I'm doing the Camino in flipflops. I love it. Some
travelers have even taken pictures. Probably to show their friends the
crazy American, but as my friend says crazy is interesting.

In packing for the Camino with my day pack it's already too much. I
brought my tennis shoes as a back up and three pairs of tank tops and
shorts. I would throw them all away if I didn't need them for after
the Camino.

I would suggest any backpack with a hip belt and when you think you
have the bare essentials packed, then take half away(everyone says
this because it's true). Over days and then weeks even the smallest
amount of weight will wear you down. Also I've notice that even the
way you pack things can make a difference on your back.


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