Friday, October 31, 2008

Even my bad days are good.

I caught myself the other day complaining about little things like the
weather, how much further the next town was, and other stuff. Usually,
when I feel sorry for myself I just put things in perspective with all
the suffering I've seen around the world to realize how lucky I am to
have so much... so on and so on. Today I had to laugh at myself
because I realized that the biggest worries of my days are how far is
the next beautiful town, or when's the next cafe where I can get a
cafe con leche, and other petty stupid things. I'm such a fool
sometimes, because I forgot that I don't have to work right now or get
up early every morning.:P

I'm traveling in different countries, meeting wonderful people,
learning about different cultures, eating delicious food, and having
an awesome life. I have no complaints.

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